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Mistakes Men Make When Contacting Providers

Gentlemen “The Rules”

There seem to be some gentlemen that have forgotten the rules to keeping both you and your companion safe when communicating.

Let me say, it is not that we are trying to con you, or not let you know how your time with us will go. It is simply that you may not ever discuss acts or services. Remember fees are for time and companionship ONLY!

Some examples of things you cannot say:

1. Are you GFE?
2. MSOG allowed?
3. Do you offer greek?

DO not say these things or anything like them!

Here is what you may do:

1. If she still has reviews anywhere, take the time to read them.
2. You may politely ask how much a donation amount is for an amount of time, Never discuss services.
3. You can read her site first , In most cases it gives you enough info ( not graphic , or explicit) but enough info that you get a feel for her.

We understand you like to know what you get for your money as so many of you like to put it. But, we are trying to keep both you and us out of jail. That kind of talk equates to a solicitation
, and that is illegal.

Lastly DO NOT HAGGLE PRICE, or negotiate price.
The price is set, be a gentleman and accept it.

Lastly, even if for any reason your time with a companion does not go as you like, if she did her absolute best
to accommodate you and if she didn’t rush you and you stayed your whole TIME ( YOU PAY FOR TIME) it is never polite to tell her you are taking ANY of her donation back. IF you express your upset SOME, not all companions may decide to give you small piece of the donation back. HOWEVER, she is not obligated to do so. I say this because often a gents unhappiness w a session is his own fault for NOT reading up on the companion before visiting her.
Again if a lady has a site take the time to read it.

Hopefully these tips stop so much of the insanity I see when assisting ladies and even when answering my own calls.