Gentlemen we are so happy to have you as clients of Simple Pleasures Models.
We have always appreciated and will continue to appreciate all your business
and love.

With that being said, we do need to remind some of you of the
importance of discretion. As you know we provide a few  locations.
Most of which are residential. It is very important that everyone follow
the rules so that we do not lose the ability to host you in the comfort and
privacy that so many of you have come to love.

Please be sure to adhere to the following:

Please do not linger in the apartment hallways, breezeways etc.

Please if you are lost do not ask any one who is outside, please text or call us.

Please do not be on your phone when walking up to the locations door.

Please do not come to the door, if you see neighbors or workers outside ( please
circle back once the coast is clear)

Please do not come to the door at anytime until you are given the OK to come to the door.

In other words, please be discreet to ensure no one ever knows what is going on.
If anyone ever asks please say that you are coming to see your accountant regarding a business deal or that you are coming to see your accountant to get your taxes in order.

Thank you for understanding. We want to always be able to serve you, please help us continue to do so by being discreet and following the above guidelines.

Have a great week!

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